My bag is already on it’s way to Cape Verde and has had the trauma of bouncing around in high winds in the Bay of Biscay. I will be travelling with the scientists to meet the RRS James Cook on Tuesday carrying hand luggage only. It is very expensive to keep the ship in port so we cannot risk our luggage being delayed, so I waved bye bye to my luggage in early December.

I have been giving assemblies at college all week telling our students about my adventure.

Aquinas Assembly

I have an excellent replacement teacher to teach my classes and am looking forward to next week. EEEEEEEEEEEK!!

I have learned a great deal about wordpress and setting up this blog and hope to continue to improve the page over the coming weeks.

I am planning to add information about the people on abroad the ship: both scientists and crew. I will create some resources for teachers to use in the classroom. These can be in a range of formats – like the presentation above or powerpoints or word documents. If you have any requests please just email me: teacheratsea@aquinas.ac.uk

I am going to have some special blogs on the autosub, daily life on board ship as well as the science of course. I’m keen to get started and to share my experiences with you all.


Angela 🙂



2 thoughts on “LESS THAN ONE WEEK TO GO

  1. Omg! You got the position Angela. I remember you applying. Well done. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your blog posts. Exciting times!


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