Stefan Paterson – Exploration Electronics


Stefan  Paterson (age 34) – Exploration Electronics:

Stefan’s company is contracted by NOC (National Oceanographic Centre). He has worked for Exploration Electronics, based near his hometown in Great Yarmouth, for the last 10 years. Exploration Electronics often work with the oil industry and with NOC. They provide equipment and support for seismic equipment used in exploration. NOC have recently bought their own hydrophone streamer (to recorded reflected acoustic energy). It is a huge yellow hose filled with receivers of groups of 8 hydrophones 12.5 meters apart. There are birds to steady the streamer and airguns are the acoustic source for the experiments. Stefan ensures that these all work properly – he also advises Ben and Andy on the OBS team so that they can operate the NOC streamer. Stefan has worked on many ships including British Antarctic Survey which he tells me was: ‘amazing – the icebergs were beautiful’.

Stefan decided that ‘A’ levels were not for him and he has GNVQ in Engineering. He then went to work for the RAF for six years where he achieved qualifications in BTEC and NVQ Engineering. Stefan says that the training he received in the RAF was fabulous (he worked on Jaguars) and he would definitely recommend a career in engineering.

How did he get his current position? His mother saw the advert in the newspaper and he applied. Stefan loves his job and being on expeditions but misses his family when he is away.


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