Gael Lymer – Post Doctoral Researcher


Gael Lymer (age 28) – Post Doctoral Researcher (Continental Margins), Birmingham University.

Gael grew up in Vieux-Condé South of Lille. After finishing school Gael studied geology at University and gained a PhD in Marine Geology in 2014.

His PhD title was: Interactions between crustal tectonics, salt tectonics and sedimentation along the Eastern Sardinian margin.

Gael is now being funded by NERC (National Environmental Research Council) for two years to research the Galicia margin (West Spain) from 3D seismic data.

This is Gael’s fourth ocean expedition, his bumpiest was the in the English Channel. He will helping with the seismic data on the James Cook and doing the general watch keeping.

I asked Gael what advice he has for anyone looking for a career in science:

‘Be curious, be motivated. Have the taste of travel and the spirit of discoveries and exploration. Once a professor told us that we would never find a job in this area in our village and it’s true since we are right now in the Atlantic.’


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