What’s for tea?

Food Glorious Food

My family and friends have been most concerned about what I eat on a day to day basis. I can assure all of you that I am definitely NOT wasting away.

At breakfast (7:20) there is a choice of food. A fry up: bacon, several types of eggs, sausages, black pudding, fried bread, fired potatoes, tomatoes. There are grapefruits (these are fresh and will run out), mixed fruit (mostly tinned), cereals, porridge (home cooked or Oats So Simple), yogurts, croissants, pastries and all the condiments one would expect from a decent hotel.

Lunch (11:30) can be range of food, lamb chops, fish cakes, savoury pie with chips or potatoes, peas, carrots and so forth. One day we had baguettes with different fillings.

Dinner (5:30) will be a cooked dish, there is always soup and then either curry or casserole or fish….a vegetarian alternative is available every meal.

Before we set sail we are asked if we have any dietary requirements and these are met by the galley (kitchen).

Tea, coffee, biscuits and toast are available whenever we want them. We have to watch the toaster though (not walk off and leave it) as it has the potential to be a fire risk. Matt fondly recalls putting two crumpets onto the rotating belt for breakfast. Rather than both reappearing however, only one dropped out, shortly followed by lots of smoke. Not the most relaxing start to the morning!

Tea and coffee makers to the left- toaster to the far right, bread and biscuits in between.


We each serve ourselves with the food we want then go and sit down in the mess.

Malcolm helping himself to his dinner this evening – pork medallions.


The mess



Matt in the mess – because we are on shift together Matt eats many meals with me. The chocolate mousse was yummy.

After we have eaten our meal we tip any food waste into a bucket and then take our plate, water glass and cutlery into the kitchen.

Mess waste bins


Tommy then rinses them before they are placed into a dishwasher.


Today I visited the galley store room. It is like a small supermarket but then again 52 people for 42 nights (plus the journey from Southampton to Cape Verde with a skeleton crew) are going to consume a huge amount of food.

There were 220 dozen (2640) eggs put on at Southampton.

504 litres of milk also for the whole voyage.

Darren the chef says he peels 20kg of spuds per meal. That’s a lot of potatoes!!

The chefs make the bread and yummy puddings too.

Food stores

We are starting to run out of fresh fruit and veg so tinned and frozen will have to suffice once it is all gone.

With all the delicious food I’m worried I will not fit into my clothes by the time we reach Port au Spain. Think I might have to hit the RRS James Cook’s gym. Leisure time – I’ll tell you about that another day.


Angela 🙂



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