Anna Bird – Marine Mammal Observer, OBS


Anna Bird (age 26) – Marine Mammal Observer and OBS Team,

Anna grew up in Switzerland and after completing her International Baccalaureate studied a Biology degree at St Andrew’s University and then completed her MSc in Marine Biology at Bangor.  Anna would like to continue her studies in the future to PhD level.

Anna is employed by Durham University to work with the Ocean Bottom Instruments Consortium (OBIC) and to be Marine Mammal Observer. Anna spent two years working at St Andrew’s as a field assistant for the Sea Mammal Research Unit and one year as a scientific officer in fish genetics (aquaculture) for Xelect.

Anna has the responsibility of contributing to the Environmental Impact Assessment ensuring that it complies with JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) regulations. (Do see the blog on Marine Mammals.) Anna clearly enjoys her job. She says that she is learning all the time – particularly on the OBIC side of her job.


As well as her degree Anna has certificates in

MMO – Marine Mammal Observation

PAM – Passive Acoustic Monitoring (listening for mammals with an underwater hydrophone)


Be persistent. Do what you love.


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