Murray Hoggett- Researcher Birmingham University


Murray Hoggett (age 26) Researcher Birmingham University

Murray is taking a year off from his PhD to complete some Post Doctorate Research (this is a slightly unusual scenario). He is sponsored to work for Birmingham University through NERC (National Environmental Research Council). Murray’s PhD is to use seismic data to look at volcanic plumbing systems in North West Scotland – he also uses data from Australia and New Zealand.

Murray originally intended to enrol for an Environmental Science degree at Birmingham but due to a fortuitous administrative error on his part ended up studying geology – for which he has an obvious enthusiasm.


A Levels:  Maths, Physics and Chemistry

AS Levels: Government and politics, Music and Human Biology.

Advice for teenagers today:

Do: Maths, Computer Science, Science or Engineering at degree level – you’ll always have a job, can go anywhere in the world and the work is interesting.

Apply to a range of Universities – you never know you might get a place.

Work hard – enjoy life – have a good balance.

Murray grew up in a small village called Manaton, Dartmoor and advises teenagers to always check their handbrake and not do anything stupid in cars.


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