Pictures I thought you might find interesting



The top map is from the blog last week – I LOVE MAPS. The one beneath is the same area today. You can can see the added tracks of the ship. Firstly, OBSs are deployed then the ship takes a grid pattern (E-W followed by N-S in our case) over the OBS firing the airguns. (My students can use this as an example of  systematic sampling). The dark blue lines are when the ship was rather bouncy and bubbles are underneath the vessel preventing the swath from working properly. The swath is a track of ocean floor automatically recorded and plotted by the ship. Bubble errors will be taken out at a later date.

Matt kindly gave me some photos of his cabin porthole. A true washing machine experience. Matt points out that his port hole does not always look like this.



Our mess tables all have these very ‘sticky’ mats. Our plates and glasses do not slide at all as the ship rolls. Matt did a test with a salt cellar and had the red mat at a good 75 degrees before the salt fell. Shhhh – don’t tell anyone about the mess he made.

Nuno, Matt and Adam on watch last night.


Ocean view. The view changes constantly. I find it very relaxing just to sit, watch and listen to the Ocean.


Nigel – The Egret.

He is still alive. He is drinking fresh water from the deck and likes his feet to be wet. He comes to say hello when we are sat outside or when work is going on on deck. He has lost his inhibitions and gets very close to us. If I’m honest this was freaking me out today. His beak and claws are designed to catch fish and egrets are known to go for the eyes of humans. He is still weak and birds like Nigel , I am told,usually die. FYI: Nigel (named by the crew) does not like digestive biscuits.



PS: Because I do my watch with Matt and therefore eat at the same time as Matt and because Matt also proof reads my blog you’ll find his commentary a regular occurrence. A 🙂


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