Andy Henson – Head of Scientific Engineering



Andy Henson – Head of Scientific Engineering

Andy is mainly shore based and heads the Scientific Engineering department at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). He looks after all the technicians and bespoke equipment for NOC. Andy generally spends about 90 days per year at sea. Andy is currently on the RRS James Cook as a senior technical officer and to keep up with what’s happening at sea. In this part of his role Andy liaises with the Principle Scientists and the Ship Master (the Captain) to ensure all scientific aims are met.

Andy loves his job, the variety of the role: he manages 50 technicians, enjoys the practical engineering, has office based work and gets to travel the world.


Andy joined the Royal Navy as an apprentice weapons engineer and left 25 years later as an engineering officer on nuclear submarines. Through this Andy has an HNC in engineering and an MSc in Engineering Management from Portsmouth University.


Get a sound qualification: trade/degree/apprenticeship.

Enjoy what you do are doing, if you don’t enjoy it – do something else.



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