Robert Inglis – Chief Engineer


Robert Inglis (age 53) – Chief Engineer

Robert manages all the engineering on the vessel. Works with an engineering team of five others and is responsible for:

  • Engines
  • All electrics
  • Sewage plant
  • Fresh water desalination plant
  • Cranes
  • All fixed, ship installed machinery
  • Assist specialist team with machinery
  • Engineering Cadets

Robert is also the ships safety officer.

Currently employed by NERC, Robert has been at sea since 1988 starting as a mechanic on ferries. Prior to this Robert worked as a fitter and turner (mending engines, fitting pipes – a Jack of all trades) for 10 years at Plymouth Royal Navy Dockyard.

Robert loved working on the ferries and worked his way up studying for engineering exams and gaining sea time and experience.

Robert says working on ships is a way of life. He enjoys the nearly 1 for 1 policy where he gets a day on land for everyday at sea. He has travelled the world and seen different cultures. He says that people are the same wherever you go and that has made him tolerant of others – accepting of people whoever they are.


Robert paid to put himself through his ship engineering class examinations and can be chief engineer on any motor ship, of any engine size, anywhere in the world.

The exams today are run by SQA – Scottish Qualifications Authority. Sea time is equally important to theory.

The Maritime and Coastguards Agency is good place for aspiring engineer cadets to start their career research.


Travel, be independent, be content with 15kg of possessions.

If you like engines and engineering then it is a great job.

Robert has always enjoyed taking things apart to find out how they work – radios, engines, machines. If you are like this then maybe engineering is for you too.


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