Dean Cheeseman – Electrical Engineering Technician


Dean Cheeseman – Electrical Engineering Technician (23)

Dean works for National Marine Facilities Sea Systems (NMFSS) which is part of the National Environment Research Council (NERC) based at the National Oceanography Centre. His role is to maintain and deploy specialist portable equipment which includes: winches, seismic arrays, coring (drilling) equipment, cranes and so forth. Dean spends around 90 days a year at sea and this is his first expedition as he started working for NMFSS in June 2015. During the rest of the year Dean maintains equipment back in Southampton ensuring that instruments are in good working order and is responsible for servicing the electrical equipment. He loves job with NMFSS especially as he has great variety in his day to day activities.

Dean had a place at University to study Ocean Science but decided instead to take an apprenticeship with Sunseeker (yacht builders). Dean spent 4 ½ years working for Sunseeker where he learned a wide range of skills including engine room and electrical fit outs.


Apprenticeship in Marine Electrical Equipment and Testing – Level 3 NVQ, through Sunseeker.


If you prefer hands on experience then apprenticeships and NVQ’s are fabulous.

Do what feels right. Work hard. Enjoy your job as you spend most of your time doing it. Get qualifications. Travel.



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