Chris Keighly – Second Chef


Chris Keighly – Second Chef (34)

Chris is responsible for the breakfasts, salads, desserts and store management. He enjoys his job on the RRS James Cook. He has been contracted to work for NERC for 2 years. Previously Chris worked at NERC and other shipping organisations through an agency which he was with for 4 years.

Chris has been a chef in restaurants and hotels but prefers working on a ship as he gets to know the people who eat his food as he sees them every meal time. He also likes that he can choose his own menu. Chris does point out that being away from home can be hard on family life and that competition from an international pool of employees can make finding work difficult – wages are subsequently driven down. British ships, super yachts and oilrigs are all good employers if you are lucky enough to get employment on theses vessels.

Chris has worked on many ships including: The Patricia (often used for Royal events) and The Mermaid both owned by Trinity House. Chris also worked for RTA for 8 years.


NVQs 1 and 2

Ships Cook 1 and 2 and Highers (Chris feels that that Highers course is exceptionally good – he still has the cook book that accompanies the course that was run by Kerry Oliver ‘a great chef’ to quote Chris)


Get good qualifications

Enjoy what you do – Chris loves food and loves cooking.



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