Angus Hamilton – 3rd Engineer

Angus Hamilton 3rd Engineer (age -25)

20160203_165035[1]Angus has been contracted to NERC on a fixed term contract since July 2015. He is soon to start work on The Discovery.

Angus’ job is wide ranging and varied. He could be fixing the toilets or maintaining the engines – Angus enjoys that the job is not monotonous or boring. Angus also like the fact that he travels the world as he works. Angus works under the direction of the 2nd Engineer.  Angus became interested in Marine Engineering whilst travelling on the ferry to the Isle of Bute and thought it was something he’d like to do.


Angus is from Scotland so took Highers rather than A Levels. His Highers are in: Physics, Geography, English and Music.

He has a Scottish Professional Diploma in Marine Engineering. Angus says a desire to be accepted on the course made him work hard for his Higher examinations. He speaks mostly of his course which included amongst other units: Maths, Engineering, Technical Drawing, Electricals, Thermal Dynamics, Applied Mechanics and Naval Architecture. The course had a practical and theory aspect. Angus also had to build up ‘seatime’ to gain his current position.


Your hard work pays off in the end.


Angus has given me a list of some of  his Diploma Units as he thought that students may be interested to know what can be covered in Marine Engineering:

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Thermo Fluids

Quality Management

Business Communications

Leadership and Management

Project Management

Advanced Auxiliary Machinery Watchkeeping

Naval Architecture and Construction

Operation and Adjustment of Marine Electronic Systems

Operation and Adjustment of Marine Diesel Systems

Applied Industrial Plant Maintenance

Business Awareness and Continuing Professional Development

Electrical Marine Principals

Electrical Motor Drive Systems

Engineering Skills

Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics

Maths for Engineering 1,2 and 3

3-phase Electrical Systems

Engineering Drawing








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