Engine Room and Nigel

The RRS James Cook has four engines; each engine has a capacity of 2000hp or 1728kw only two or three engines are used at once. The fuel consumption is monitored daily.

The engine ‘mission control’ room has knobs not levers to turn.




The switchboard room with 1000 amp circuit breakers has a futuristic feel.


After walking through the switchboard room I arrived at the stern thrusters. There are two of them and they allow the ship to move sideways. This is not only useful in  port but also when repatriating deployed equipment.



Scientists have equipment that rely on having a steady rather than ‘spikey’ electricity supply. Below is a motor generator which is – yes- made up of a motor and a generator. This is one of the smaller MG’s of 220 volts.


The actually engine room was very noisy, I had to wear ear protectors. The room was remarkably clean and the engineers obviously take great pride is working on the RRS James Cook.

Fuel pumps, Rob’s arm and Brian.


Seawater ballast tanks


Seawater for cooling comes through the large pipe in the picture – (a hole in the deck).


Me in the engine room.


The engine room is very hot!


With a lack of a supply centre if a part breaks down the talented engineers on the James Cook make or repair the parts they need. This is their workshop.


The teacher at sea knows a man who designs plant rooms for a living so these four pictures and next few  facts  are to indulge his curiosity:

There is 90kg of fridge gas in each condenser and there are 4 condensers. The refrigerant is used to chill brine which is distributed to air handling units in the accommodation which keeps the cabins nice and cool. The fridge gas used is 404A and air conditioning gas R134A

Now for news about Nigel:


Nigel enjoys the craic with Ian, Jason and Andy. 🙂


On deck this evening.




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