Declan Morrow – 3rd Officer

Declan Morrow – Merchant Seafarer 3rd Officer (26)

Declan has worked for NERC since 2012. He is responsible for:
• Life saving and firefighting appliances including: Life boats, rescue boat, life jackets, fire hoses.
• Navigation
Enjoys seeing the world and enjoys his job.
This is his last expedition for a while as Declan is going back to college for 3 months in May. He will be sitting his Chief Mate examinations. This can take 9 months but Declan has already taken some of the examinations required. When he returns Declan will be working on the RRS Discovery – also owned by NERC. If Declan wishes, in the future, with more courses and more sea time he can progress become a Captain. Declan gets 25 days holiday for every 30 days he works at sea.


A Levels: Applied Business and Applied ICT
Cadetship: Officer of the Watch (unlimited) – Declan can work on any ship in the world either as a 2nd or 3rd officer.
The Cadetship takes 3 years including 12 months sea time. You can enter with GCSE qualifications. The course includes:
• Survival courses
• Fire fighting
• Meteorology
• Navigation
• Celestial Navigation
• Stability
• Maritime Law and convention
Declan says that if you ‘google’ Merchant Navy you’ll see the wide range of careers available – from engineer to chef to deck officer.


There are great jobs to be had through routes other than university.


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