Brian Conteh – Engine Room Petty Officer


Brian Conteh – Engine Room Petty Officer (age 50)

Brian is also known as the motorman. He assists the engine room engineers– lifting heavy equipment, tools, maintaining a clean and ordered working environment free from oil leaks. Brian also checks the steering gear and ships mechanisms that may require cleaning.

Brian burns all the rubbish in the incinerators and at the weekends runs safety checks on the lifeboats.

Brian loves his job particularly that he is never in one place. He has worked for NERC for over 6 years firstly as galley staff then in his current role. Brian enjoyed polar bear watch on one trip the Arctic.


Brian attended South Tyneside College to gain his maritime qualifications. He was then mentored for his first two trips at sea in his current role.

Brain has his Watch Keeping Ticket as well as the Sea Survival Qualifications required by all sea workers.

Brain has spent 13 years working on ships, he also spent many years on construction sites.


Have a go – all things come to those who wait, if you really want it.


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