Rubbish, recycling, RRS JC….

Rubbish and Recycling

This is ONE weeks rubbish from 51 people on the RRS James Cook


Incinerator for burning rubbish.

Aerosols MUST NOT go in the incinerator. This would be very dangerous as they would explode in the heat. Fire is a big fear on a ship. So aerosols are kept very separate.


Batteries also are a fire hazard, so the ends of used batteries must be taped up before binning so that they do not short circuit and cause a fire. The batteries are not put on the incinerator either.



Once a week we are given clean bedding and towels. We make our own beds. We all do our own personal laundry, the sheets and towels are laundered but the steward – Kevin. He does half the ship on a Wednesday and the other half on a Sunday. So tonight I was left a pile of sheets and towels. On the corridor there is a big laundry bag for me to put my dirty laundry into.


Plan of the RRS James Cook:

My cabin is on the starboard side on the main deck with a port hole, closest to the stern.


Other news:

This is the transducer (fish) that ‘talks’ to autosub having been lifted out of the sea.


Everyone has down time now and then and our ingenious engineering technicians have made their own pool. Not quite water tight……


Selfies in black and white. I hoping for 1950’s glamour – hmmmm maybe the wrong ship for that?20160209_153418~2-480x640[1]20160209_153516~2-480x640[1]

Leaning over the edge being very careful NOT to drop my phone – a picture of my port hole from the outside.


Nigel today:





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