Christina Coates – Deck Cadet


Christina Coates – 18

Deck Cadet

This is Christina’s first expedition. She has been at Warsash Maritime College since September 2015. Christina has family in the Merchant Navy and liked the prospect of going to sea for a living. Christina is thoroughly enjoying life and wishes that she had started her course at the age of 16. She says the Cadetship is the ‘best decision she ever made’.



A levels: sociology, biology, law and dance

You can start the Deck Cadet course at 16 the minimum requirement is 5 GCSEs including Maths, English and Science. Christina will qualify with an HND.

Students with Maths A level may do a Foundation Degree instead.

Christina will leave Warsash Maritime College with a Certificate of Competency as Officer of the Watch.

She can be 3rd Officer on any ship in the world and then 2nd Officer after more seatime within a company.

Christina can then add to her qualification to become Chief Mate and ultimately Captain if she studies still further.


Don’t be afraid to do your own thing.

Additional advice: Christina is one of 4 women out of 24 students on her course, this is high as many Cadet courses have no female students at all. She says to women thinking of applying for a Cadetship: ‘Ignore those facts, just go for it.’


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