Tim Reston -Principal Scientist, Birmingham University




Tim Reston – Principal Scientist, Birmingham University

Role on Ship: Principal Scientist

Tim has spent some of his academic career in Germany and informs me that his title would be: Fahrtleiter on a German ship – Trip Leader….

His role is to coordinate the science and the scientists.

Birmingham University – Tim’s Postdoc student  – is analysing the seismic reflection data, so Tim has particular interest in this area.

Role at Birmingham University: Professor of Geology


A levels: Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Degree: Geology – Tim was originally going to study Chemical Engineering but switched to Geology after falling in love with the subject after studying Geology units in his degree.

MSc and PhD Geophysics. Tim says he’s more of a geologist than a geophysicist as he more interested in the rocks and the geophysics is a way of understanding the rocks.


  1. Do what you are interested in.
  1. Come to Birmingham University.
  2. Study Geology at Birmingham University.
  3. Look at the great courses at Birmingham University
  4. Visit the great campus of Birmingham University
  5. The students are great at Birmingham University
  6. The curries in Birmingham are great.

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