James Perrett – Autosub Systems Engineer


James Perrett – Autosub Systems Engineer

James has worked for NOC – starting off with NOC’s predecessor IOS –  since 1980.

James designs the electronics, writes the software and operates Autosub.

He writes the missions (the route) that Autosub will take underwater. Autosub is designed to avoid crashing into high peaks. James has been instrumental in the design of Autosub ‘sonar cat whiskers’ that allow Autosub to navigate narrow confined spaces.


After completing his A Levels – Chemistry, Physics and Maths – James studied for an HNC Electronic Engineering (James says it was similar to an informal apprenticeship).

James was interested in sound engineering. He had one interview with the BBC but before he had his second interview he saw and was appointed to the position at IOS.


If you want a job with instruments similar to Autosub try to get some work experience.


There is more information on Autosub (and ROV’s) from JC125 when an Autosub blog was published, summer 2015 – codemap project.




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