Angela Bentley – Teacher at Sea


Angela Bentley – Teacher at Sea (46)

Role: To provide outreach on the expedition by –

Writing blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Create resources that can be used by schools

Inform schools and the general public about the science taking place on board.

To inform schools and the general public what life is like on a research vessel.

Upon my return I will be visiting schools and groups to tell them about life and science on a research ship. This will be tailored according to the requirements of the groups/schools.


A Levels – Geography, History, English and Biology

BSc Geography, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Head of Department of Earth Sciences, Aquinas College, Stockport

WJEC Examiner Geology  AS paper GL3


Go for it!. I was one of over 60 applicants – I did not expect to get the role but applied anyway. If you want to do something then just go for it.

ESTA  (Earth Science Teachers Association) has been a great resource to me as a teacher, providing me with links and support. I would recommend that all teachers of Earth Sciences join – whatever age groups they teach.



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