Hints and Tips for the Ocean Adventurer

Hints and Tips

What do I wish I’d known before I came on the ship?

Actually Christine Peirce was fantastic in giving me advice; so here are some hints and tips for the ocean adventurer.

  1. Crocs are really useful. Easy to get on and off. The fashion on board is to wear them with socks?? I have flip flops which are good but I think Crocs (ugly though they are) are probably better.
  2. Three pairs of hiking shorts and one pair of long trousers are all you need, along with 5 or 6 T shirts. A fleece is always handy. You won’t wear anything else.
  3. Velcro is great for sticking mugs, computers, memory sticks to a surface as, is that rubber matting. The RRS James Cook has loads of the matting on board. It’s amazing!
  4. I bought a series from Amazon – Silk, with Maxine Peake – to watch on my Ipad but because I have no internet connection I can’t watch it – even though I downloaded the programmes to watch offline. The limitations of the internet are frustrating, I hadn’t realised how much I rely on it – even in everyday conversations to check facts and figures.
  5. Matt says he always brings his own pillow case which he uses as a laundry bag. You have to tumble dry everything and the washing machine automatically adds the powder.
  6. There are plenty of books in the library and a huge DVD collection that you can borrow on board.
  7. Before choosing sides for table football note the predominant roll of the ship.20160215_153043-640x360[1]
  8. Be prepared for fresh food to run out quickly. I am looking forward to eating an apple.
  9. The showers are great but you do need to stand astride with one foot against the wall to keep your balance.
  10. Shift patterns of 4 hours on 8 hours off mean that you never get more than 6 hours sleep in one stretch so an extra nap between shifts is essential.
  11. You can buy a few essentials in the bond BUT generally anything that you’ve left behind is left behind.
  12. The sea is incredibly beautiful and changes all the time.20160218_124639-480x853[1]
  13. Not on aboard directly but…..I was worried about the sea survival course but actually it was great fun – Thank you Fleetwood.
  14. Ensure that everything you bring with you works and that you don’t need to download anything once you are on board.
  15. If you are a real coffee lover bring your own coffee machine.

Other stuff:


Happy Birthday Mark Maltby 🙂

Me n Nige

Will with Nigel.


Angela 🙂




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