Nigel – #NigelEgret

We are coming to the end of our adventure. The research experiments have been finished. We are now on our way to Trinidad. Nigel when he sees or smells land will fly off. He arrived four days after our departure from Cape Verde rather skinny and unwell. He looked weak and we were told by experienced seafarers that his prospects were not good. He is likely still to struggle on land but he has a better chance than when he first landed. Nigel has grown, got fatter – we think he is a young bird. We have called him Nigel but he could of course be female. So with the imminent departure of Nigel, who was won our hearts and been a true star of the voyage, I have decided that tonight’s blog should be a collage of Nigel pictures.

Nigel has parrot aspirations:

Me n Nige20160218_185818-360x640[1]

Bert has a real soft spot for our Nige:

Nigel wanting to operate the launch and recover system for Autosub.

Will you take a walk with me?

Hmmmm…… Where shall I stand?

A spot of fishing..



Bedtime for Nigel.


We wish Nigel all the best for the future and have enjoyed getting to know this cheeky young bird.




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