Will Richardson – Seagoing Engineering Technician

Mahi mahi no.3

Above: Will with a line caught Mahi Mahi  – a common fish in these waters.  (Fishing is a popular leisure activity on board.)

Will Richardson -29, Seagoing Engineering Technician

Maintain and operate portable scientific equipment whilst at sea

Preventative and regular maintenance of equipment whilst on land, ensuring equipment is seaworthy.

Will has had a great deal of experience in welding and on top his normal job has been creating and repairing items of use around the ship. Will designed and built a very clever underwater device to house two Go Pro cameras to monitor the airguns. See below:SID

He loves his job and the variety of tasks in each day, he has been working here for 18 months.


After completing his GCSE’s Will started his Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering with SETA – Southampton Engineering Training Association.

Will also has many welding qualifications.

Will firstly worked for a small engineering firm where he honed his welding skills. He has worked for some years at Portsmouth Docks for BAE building aircraft carriers and offshore patrol vessels.


Do something you are interested in, learning is easy then.


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